Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve (Maduro)

Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve (Maduro)
6.5 inches x 52 ring gauge
Aged 1.5 years from purchase

Wow. This was a rich cigar.

To start, it has a nice band and presentation-very rustic but very classy. The maduro wrapper smells sweet-one big vein and multi colors of maduro make it look kind of rustic but it exudes an aura of specialness-that's why I let it sit so long! Has a vague box press that really like-not too squared or severe. Some of those super pressed ones make me think I'll cut myself on the edges!

First few puffs give a mellow maduro flavor with a slightly loose draw. I was a little worried but the draw was not an issue at all. Most of the maduros I’ve enjoyed lately have been peppery/strong maduros but this one was the richest and smoothest maduro I've ever had.

I had been holding back on this…for a special occasion. I’m not a big Rocky Patel fan but this cigar just seemed like something I should dress up for, you know? The muted wrapper and sophisticated packaging seemed above my pay grade...but I have some exciting career developments so I bit the bullet. I really enjoyed it. Sweet maduro/coffee/cocoa smoke smell. Really nice.

Here is the Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve with some scotch. Yummy!

Here's the band-photo doesn't really do it justice.

Reminded me a little of some other cigars I’ve had-I think it’s the Costa Rican wrapper…especially the Taboo Special Forces and their Exotic Maduro line.

It was long lasting too-after 1.5 hours it was still going with 1/3 left and I was getting overwhelmed.

I'm not a huge Rocky Patel fan...In fact, I'm not sure that any of his smokes would make it in my top twenty (dominated mostly by Punch and Don Pepin Garcia smokes...). However this stogie was a special dude and I'd buy it again. Sadly, it came in a sampler and if I was to buy another, they retail for around $8 or more (often $12) and that's too high for my blood.

As I enjoyed this cigar my mind wandered more than a bit...started really missing some of the good friends and good times we've all had over the last few years. I wanted to throw some stogies and booze and d20's in the trusty Fit and head for Scott's Gaming Cabin, sounding the call, and roaring (put-putting?) towards good times and camaraderie. Sadly work and the cost of gas has really been throwing up walls...Smoking this cigar was a little bittersweet for me but I won't hold that against Rocky Patel's primo stogie.

I'd rate this cigar at 9.0. The high price lowers its value score and I did have to relight a few times. However, for a special occasion cigar, I think it would be a great choice.

Here's my guest appearance...Big Thane in his football uniform. He made me wait to take it until after he practiced...he said "I want to be sweaty in it". Yeah-that's my middle boy!

5 Vegas Miami

5 Vegas Miami
By Don Pepin Garcia and Cigars International

My fearless brother Rico reviewed this stogie not long ago...but in typical big brother fashion, I feel that I may have to double-check his work...and since the task at hand involves smoking a stogie and drinking beer, I may have to review it again...Practice makes perfect, yes? That reminds me of a joke H.T. makes from time to time about marrying an English Teacher...but I'll save that for another day...

Since it's a lazy Sunday, I might as well start off with a meandering course. Here's a photo of Ry and Holly enjoying a stogie at the Outlaw in Kansas City last month. Eric and Kellie hosted for us and it was Holly's birthday...and Don Pepin Garcia at the Outlaw may have made one of the most memorable birthdays for her ever! (possibly not in a good way for her but...)

Here's Kellie competing with Ry for the longest ash. I think she got second as Rico, Michelle and I weren't doing so well. We really enjoyed the bbq pork, free beer, and Don Pepin rolling event.

Here's the star of the show. The 5 Vegas Miami torpedo.

This smoke is created by DPG for Cigars International. It tastes nothing like the other 5 Vegas lines (which are pretty good for a house blend) and can be had for $3 apiece or so on They're $5 or more apiece on CI so I never buy them there. Not sure if you can get them anywhere else.

This stogie had a typical Pepin tangy smell and the prelight taste was peppery and a little tart-but not bitter. It was a smooth and attractive smoke. I really like the label-seems understated and classier than many other bands-really like the blue and gold.
I smoked this stogie while drinking Murphy's Irish Red and watching Rescue Me shorts on Youtube with Michelle. It was a great combo-the smoke did not demand my attention but several times I found myself really enjoying the combination of pepper, cocoa, and buttery love that Miami imparted. The Pepin "twang" that I crave was there, of course.

I could go on...but the bottom line is that I nubbed this baby. I give it 8.5. overall with construction and flavor being the stogie's biggest strength. I wish I could get these for $1.50 or $2 each-but hey, they're pretty good.

Rico's rating of 9.5 is a little high to me. However, there is no escaping the simple fact that the 5 Vegas Miami is a damn good smoke. I wonder if his higher rating is due to the undeniably exotic ambiance of the Twilight Lounge.

Here is my sweet sweet 5 Vegas Miami, getting close to the end!

And here's my triple-sweet daughter Anne-Marie with another guest appearance in my blog! She loves to make the funny faces.