Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Royal Jamaica No. 1 Tubo

Royal Jamaica No. 1 Tubo

This last weekend some buddies and I retreated to a secluded cabin near Enid Oklahoma for some much needed R&R...Scott's grilling, Craig's fine beer, and great cigars made a great trip even better. We had a light rain shower or two, no wind, and clean, cool April evenings. I also got a chance to try out two new things, both gifts from coworkers...my new Mexican pancho and a Royal Jamaica cigar that a coworker brought back for me from one of his Caribbean adventures...

(Yes, I know that the pancho is cooler than Hell but please stay focused on the cigar...)

Gift cigars are always a treat for me to smoke, especially ones I've never had before. They're like test driving a new motorcycle...I never know what to expect but the air is charged with possibilities...

The cigar came in an attractive yellow tube and was double labeled (always a sign of class!). The wrapper was flawless and light, a Connecticut broadleaf I think. No veins were visible and it had a medium strength aroma. I had been aging it for six months or so in my humidor and it was in great condition. It took the flame from my trusty Blazer lighter and we were off!

The stogie had a perfect burn and was a very enjoyable hour. The flavor remained consistent throughout-mostly a mild nutty "creamy" flavor-never offensive. The smoke was thick and seemed to hang in the air, attracting several favorable comments from my amigos who were smoking different sticks.

Overall, the stogie was a solid stick, especially for those who like milder, smooth smokes...and those who appreciate the nice packaging and presentation.

Thanks Chief!