Thursday, November 18, 2010

601 Blue (maduro) Toro (6.25" x 54)

 I've reviewed this stick before but after smoking the toro, I had to do it again. It's a great smoke and I've been seeing sales online of the robusto for $4 a stick. At that of Don Pepin Garcia and/or maduros should pick up a few!

Here is what Famous cigars has to say about them:

The 601 'Blue' cigar series are slightly box-pressed, medium to full-bodied premium cigars created by Don Pepin Garcia with an exquisite recipe of perfectly-aged Nicaraguan longfillers finished in a dark, oily Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. Precisely blended to offer a rich, well-balanced medley of dark and naturally sweet tobacco flavors enhanced by an arousing aroma, if you prefer taste over strength, this is the 601 for you. Make sure you have a box on-hand for those very special occasions.

For once , I think I'd agree with the sales blurb!

Smoking this slightly boxed press cigar was a real pleasure. Though I always enjoy these things, this one had been aging for over two years and was even better than usual. Much of it was a smooth nutty maduro expresso type mix  but at several points I felt like the stick was channeling the Padron 1964 maduro (a much more expensive cigar that I reserve for special occasions). The burn was perfect. The aroma was nice (Michelle commented that it smelled pretty good, which is rare!).

 I continue to rate this stick a 4 on my 4 point scale.