Saturday, October 11, 2008

La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero 700

It's after two am. I got a diabetes walk, an Outlaw cigar event and an orchestra benefit to go tomorrow, not to mention more weekend work. I hung with friends down in the "deep south" of KC's Kansas suburbs with Kell, then whiled away the early morning hours just now finishing up more song ratings while enjoying a fantastic smoke. The La Flor Dominicana DL 700's are among the stoutest of smokes, but still smooth. Had 2 the past several weeks and I dug 'em both.

Probably better put this blog in the can and get few hours of sleep before me and my baby gotta get up again.

  • Appearance - 9 \ Borders on too damn big looking (mild research suggests something like 6.5X60). But it's not stupidly big. Just big. And solid-looking. La Flor Domininca's got a nice traditional-with-flair band.
  • Burn - 10 \ It holds up to almost two hours of smoking of my notorious fast-toking style. Needed no touch-ups, had no cracks nor even soggy tipped-ness.
  • Draw - 9.5 \ Awesome. The resistance wasn't cumbersome and just made the stogie last longer.
  • Plummage - 9 \ Probably coulda been higher volume, but I didn't smoke it that way. Smells rich as you puff away.
  • Flavor - 10 \ One of my favorites, but smooth. Not the normal spiciness I go after. Just solid textures of flavor that roll around on you.
  • Overall - 10 \ Goes into one of my current favorites. If only I could get it for a reasonable price, rather than the $7-11/stick retail range.
Awesome stogie experience on the Twilight Lounge with the new moodlighting and our Halloween gargoyle. G'Night, dear readers!