Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cain F (habano) Lancero (Unreleased) (7" x 38)

Today I smoked (and am reviewing) the Cain F (habano) Lancero by Oliva. Like the Oliva Cain Nub that I reviewed earlier in the week, it is from the large batch of Oliva cigars I won at the Outlaw Cigar Store in Kansas City. The cigar is also noteworthy due to the fact that is is not in regular production (yet) and thus unavailable to purchase.

The stick makes a big impact. It is long and thin and very elegant looking-definitely not the jawbreaker that the Cain F Nub I smoked yesterday was. It took to the flame and maintained a perfect burn while giving off copious amounts of plumage and great heavy and tart tobaco flavor. It reminded me a lot of the Cain Nub F but was more refined and much more enjoyable to me.

I found myself detecting a few other notes to the flavor, especially some tart elements that reminded me of cherries or citrus. It paired very well with my Roasterie City of Fountains coffee (a Kansas City Costco exclusive I can thank my brother for pointing out to me) and as I smoked it, I felt my on-again/off-again  love affair with lanceros returning. Each puff whispered "you missed me, didn't you" and each exhale said "hell's yeah!". I don't know how much these guys will retail for but I'm hoping to get a box next year if they are released.

I rate this stogie a 4 on my 4 point scale-great appearance, great burn, great flavor. Plus smoking one is a great conversation starter (I'm sure) as it is an impressive stick in its own way with its length and super oily surface. It does not seem as potent at the other Cain F I tried but still packs a lot of flavor and punch.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cain F Nub (Habano) (4" x 64)

I won this Cain F Nub at the Outlaw Cigar Store in Kansas City KS. recently. It came with a nice wooden Oliva humidor and every time I see it (as if I need a reason), I remember one of the reasons that my wife is so great-she's lucky! This is not the first time she's won me something in a drawing but it is probably the best! Anyway, you should  check out the Outlaw Cigar Store if you are in Kansas City or check out their website

The Cain F is a short and stocky sucker. It clips and starts burning quickly and stays lit throughout the smoke. In keeping with the theme, I'll keep my review equally short: Cain F Nub is a good cigar but not really my thing. I had to slow down a few times as the strength of flavor and the nicotine potency kept increasing. Additionally, though the tangy flavor was enjoyable it didn't change much throughout the smoke, which kind of left me a little bored. 

This cigar was a little too much power-it could really gain from a reblending that toned it down a notch and added some complexity. I rate this cigar a 2 on my 4 point scale: It's a good smoke but it isn't to my taste. I will probably trade some of these with my buddies that like the power house cigars (are you listening, Rico?) and continue my mission to review each of the different types of cigars we won at the Oliva Outlaw event.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wifey rocks!

It has been awhile since I've posted a blog but the warmer weather is coming so I'm gearing up! Plus, thanks to my sweet (but also intelligent and beautiful and wise) wife, I won the Oliva raffle from the Oliva event a month ago at the Outlaw Cigar Store...thanks to Michelle filling out my raffle tickets.

I won an Oliva humidor and a bunch of cigars so I'm going to review one of each type of cigar I received in the very near future-a bunch of Nubs, Cains, and a couple other Olivas. That's right! I'm a lucky dog...

Peace out, girl scouts.