Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gurkha Nepalese Warrior

Gurkha Nepalese Warrior

Well, it's been a crazy few weeks. I've been bouncing around between Enid, Orlando, Alva, and Wichita...I spent just enough time back at my house to see my central heat and air conditioner gasp its final breaths...so now I'm not just busy, I'm HOT and busy. Fun stuff.

While in Orlando, I finally lit up the Gurkha Nepalese Warrior that Brad gave me. I found a cigar bar in Downtown Disney and, after letting it rest for six months, lit the bad boy up. Here I am enjoying it...

Now, truth be told, I was pretty boozed up. I had to keep ordering beers to keep smoking there...and Michelle was doing a LOT of shopping...I managed to write down a semi-coherent review on a little napkin that the hispanic barmaid gave me...but apparently I lost it. If you were hoping for my usual numeric breakdown on this stogie...you'll be disappointed. Too many Red Stripes in my gullet, I guess.

Here's what I DO remember about this stick...it burned consistent and tasted pretty good at first. The smoke quality was a little lacking and anemic but the flavor was good-buttery and nutty. It was given to me by my buddy Brad, which is a bit odd because I think it's just the kind of stick that I'd recommend to him! It got a little bitter towards the end but I'm not sure if that was the stick's fault (it had travelled by airplane and I'm not sure if that dried it out a bit). Overall it was a great gift cigar...not sure if I'll buy any but I will take any I'm gifted!

This review also has more than its normal share of special guest reviewers...

That's the stormtrooper that guarded Disney Hollywood Studios. It was Star Wars weekend so we saw a bunch of stormtroopers, bounty hunters, and aliens...very fun. I even got Michelle to ride the Tower of Terror ride (not that scarey) and she didn't divorce me. She hates scarey rides and heights.

Here's Thane and Dad fishing. Dad and I were a two man crew to keep Thane in the game...Thane caught the most fish this time and we all had a nice time. Later we had a bbq.

Here's the super centipede that Mom found in the garage while we were there. It was about 7" long from tip to tip and maybe 3/4" across. I have a video file if you want to see the little bastard in action.
I think it's the biggest bug I've seen outside of a movie or a zoo...Michelle found it on the net and it's a Giant Red Headed Centipede...and it was in Mom's garage. It eats mice and can grow to 12" in length.

Yeah. 12".
You KNOW Mom is loving that!
Peace out.