Friday, November 14, 2008

Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles (Robusto)

Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles (Robusto)

It's a chilly but clear night in November...I've got my Tatuaje Havana IV, my Chivas Regal scotch, and my mini laptop...and life is good. Very good. Can't recommend the scotch but the rest of it is the bomb!

This cigar doesn't look like much and the rustic and simple band does little for me. In fact, I would never buy this (or the other Tatuaje cigars) if not for the rave reviews that they get. It smells good, though, a little spicy.

It starts off with a blast of pepper...very strong. The pepper doesn't really let up for an inch or two and the pepper is backed up with some pretty decent power. I smoked five cigars last weekend in Anthony (including a Cubao, a 601 Green, a Man O' War, and a Perdomo) I and never really got that nicotine hit...this Tatuaje had me reeling in two inches.

Here's a picture of the label..."Night Spider Style" (actually my macro doesn't work too well with the flash!)

Here's the label and stogie. Nothing too remarkable on the outside.

The stogie has a great draw and a very nice aroma-thick and spicy. The plumage wasn't grand but the small clouds it produces were very dense.

This is a great stogie. It burned straight and tasted great. They sell for around $7. I got mine for closer to $4 and for that price...I'm not sure how you can get a better cigar than this. I got an hour out of this bad boy.

Quick Rating: 9.5 (dinged only for it's cheap-ass band). The only other thing that could have improved it would have been some good (adult) company!

Here's my guest reviewer. She came outside every few minutes to let me know what was happening on the Madagascar cartoon she was watching.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Old Henry lancero

My bro, who traded me this Old Henry lancero stogie, told me it was a house brand for Holt's Cigar Company, made by Don Pepin Garcia. I'd had one before that wasn't a lancero, and maybe hadn't been much aged, and didn't remember liking it as much as this one.
  • Appearance - 8.5 \ Cool label, but the nipple tie-off and the lancero format put me off at first.
  • Burn - 10 \ Great hour-long smoke -- no problems whatsoever. Wonderfully worry-free. I attribute that to the design, maybe the aging, and to the lancero form factor.
  • Draw - 9 \ Great. No worries.
  • Plummage - 8 \ Fully good for the lancero shape.
  • Flavor - 8 \ Great stuff. Not awesome, but really solid and likable.
  • Overall - 9 \ Just dug this smoke, which was easy to enjoy while I studied on the porch.
Here's to the occasional smoke break, even as cities bar you from enjoying them at pubs and the winter months approach.