Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nub Connecticut 460T (4" x 60)

It's Sunday morning and I grabbed something "light" from my treasure chest of stogies that I won from the Outlaw. That's right: It's time for an (Oliva) Nub Connecticut! I paired it with some Roasterie City of Fountains blend and smoked the sucker up while chatting with my bro (who was smoking a damaged Cain Daytona). Rockit.

 The stogie has a nice appearance and the torpedo format makes it look a little cooler looking than the other nubs. I still really like the Nub band-it is distinctive and kind of minimalistic. This Nub has an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and was kind of tough to light up-it used up six kitchen matches before the thing finally took to the flame. Once lit, though, it burned solid and never went out or required a single touch up.

I rate this stogie a 2 on my 4 point scale. Like the other "non-Cain" Nubs I've had...there is nothing "wrong" with it...but it just doesn't "pop" or satisfy. It started out kind of bitter (like many Connies) and eventually settled down and became kind of creamy. I think it would be a good cigar to smoke in the wind (fishing or golfing or something) because it really did stay lit and burned very nicely. However, like the Nub Habano I smoked last night, it left me thinking that I should go get something better. These things sell for $5 or $6 bucks apiece by the box but I probably won't be buying any.

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